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The Bundesliga starts the sale of its broadcasting rights abroad. The German professional soccer league has pre-selected some offers from different investment funds to acquire 25% of its broadcasting rights abroad, among which are Bridge point, KKR and CVC Capital Partners, according to Reuters.

The league intends to revalue the rights of German football at an international level, with the aim of exceeding 230 million euros per season, reaching a turnover of 478 million in the 2029-2030 seasons.

For this reason, the football clubs of the league

 Will meet on May 19 to vote in an assembly on the offers presented by the different companies, a two-thirds majority being necessary to advance to the final phase. According to Reuters, binding offers are expected to come in late June and a final deal is expected to be reached in July.

The Bundesliga has shortlisted funds such as Bridge point, KKR and CVC Capital Partners

The Media Co company will be in charge of marketing the league’s audiovisual rights 해외축구 중계사이트 with the construction of a new over-the-top  (OTT) platform as one of its challenges. Thus, the subsidiary Bundesliga International, which has marketed the global media rights of the German league since 2008, would merge with Media Co.The sale of 25% of the rights of the DFL to private equity funds also provides that they will benefit from commercial associations with firms such as the Tampico bookmaker, the American food conglomerate Modeled or the Amazon cloud services platform Web Services.

The main source of income for the Bundesliga is audiovisual rights, which in the 2019-2020 season amounted to 1,489 million euros , 39.2% of the total income of the competition, which was 3,800 million euros. As in Spain, the broadcasting of Lilia football matches in other countries is restricted to subscriptions to television packages or services. Therefore, when you travel abroad, you can miss the next match of your favorite team if you are not forewarned. And it is that, even if you already pay for this service in Spain, live streaming through the internet may be geo-blocked , that is, you are not allowed to tune in to it in other parts of the world.

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Does that mean that there is no alternative to enjoy

Spanish football when you travel abroad? Fortunately, there is, thanks to virtual private networks or VPNs , which allow you to connect to servers located in other countries and, thus, encrypt your personal Internet browsing , in order to protect your identity and your online privacy . What this achieves, among other benefits , is that applications, websites and entertainment platforms are unable to recognize your real geographical location and therefore you can access geo-blocked content ,