What Can Be Done With the Right eCommerce CRM Software?

eCommerce CRM Software


Customer relationship management is a key element of any operation. The goal is not only to acquire customers, but to keep them from defecting to the competition. Making use of resources like the right kind of ecommerce CRM software will aid in that task Here are some examples of what the right software can do.

Maintain a List of Qualified Leads

Sales is something that never ends, at least not as long as you expect the company to remain viable. One of the great things about a robust CRM system that focuses on ecommerce is that there’s the ability to maintain a list of qualified leads. That list can be used for all sorts of campaigns that aid in securing new customers.

Keep in mind that the key here is to have leads that are qualified. That means each person in the list have indicated at some point that they are open to receiving promotional ads and other information. The best CRM software makes it easy to add to or remove names from this list when necessary.

Track the Migration From Lead to Customer

While there are different versions of sales funnels, all of them tend to use leads as the starting point and customer as the end goal. The ability to see where each person is at within the process is helpful to more than the sales team. It’s also helpful in terms of fielding calls inquiring about goods or services, and in general knowing what can be done to help the caller at the present time.

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Tracking the movement through the sale funnel also helps to know what actions should be taken next. This provides order to the sales process, while also making it easier to see how many people are close to becoming customers.

Maintain Customer Account Details in a Secure Setting

The core of the ecommerce CRM system focuses on customer accounts. Data is saved in a secure setting so that that the process of placing orders in the future will be quick and easy. It also provides the basis for being able to mount campaigns to advertise new products that those customers may be willing to consider.

The software makes it simple to manage updates when the need arises. A change in mode of payment, shipping address, email address, or any other pertinent information can be managed with ease. That’s good for you and for your customers.

Track Ordering History

Order histories are helpful to business owners and customers alike. From the customer perspective, being able to look back at past orders makes it easier to find something that the client wants to order again. This is great when the goal is to place the order and get back to other things that need attention.

For business owners, this type of history can point to other goods and services that the customer may be interested in buying. That data can be used to send out emails or other communications spotlighting those additional products. See it as one avenue that could lead to greater sales volume from the existing customer base.

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There’s more that this type of custom can do to help with revenue generation and customer management. Take a look at a few systems and compare them closely. There may be one that’s ideal for what you have in mind.