What Are Spiritual Medium?

Spiritual Medium


The term “Spiritual Medium” refers to anyone capable of mediating communication between the living and the dead. This practice is commonly practiced through various methods, including séance tables, trance, and ouija. While some people may claim to be spiritual mediums, others question their ability. What do they do? Here are some answers to this question. Let’s look at each of them in turn. You can also learn more through the spiritual medium Temecula CA.

Physical mediumship

The definition of physical mediumship is any manifestation of a spirit in the physical world that the medium can perceive. The medium must be attuned to the energy of the spirit world through the correct attunement process, which is sometimes called a trance. A medium can do this in various ways, including automatic writing, table rapping, and levitation. Some physical mediums can even materialize objects and communicate with spirits through automatic writing.

Generally, physical mediums present their abilities in a darkened room using traditional tools and appurtenances. Conduits are devices used to connect with the spiritual world. They can be symbolic or metaphorical. In many cases, the medium is coupled to spirits by touching the body or by the hands. Many mediums practice this kind of mediumship for a variety of reasons. Some believe in it because they want to know if there is an afterlife. Others are just grieving or curious.


The term “clairaudience” describes the ability of people with spiritualism to “hear” the spirits. Clairaudient communications are very different from clairvoyant or clairsentient communications, but many people have experienced them. Clairaudient experiences are often simple, consisting of one word or number. They have been associated with mediumship for centuries. However, these experiences are not limited to the deceased and are considered a legitimate part of the medium’s practice.

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Clairvoyance is a psychic ability that enables people to see things that are not physically present. This vision is accomplished by raising one’s vibration and connecting with the spirit world. While psychics can tell a person about the past or future, clairvoyants have an improved ability to perceive information more intensely. In addition to seeing and hearing things, clairvoyants can sense time and space.

Intuitive healing

Some people believe that intuitive healing is a possibility for everyone. These people believe that some people can connect to spirit and receive messages from the other side. But, these people do not have to be psychics. They can work with a variety of energy levels, including the Earth. Some spiritual mediums, however, do have some connection. They can also help people connect to their intuition. The following are examples of such people.

One of these people is Maureen Bailey, a mystic and energy healer. In her workshop, she teaches people how to develop their intuitive abilities. The course includes exercises to help you open your heart and communicate with spirit. It is a great way to get a better read of your life and set your intentions. Then, let spirit guide you to make the best choices for your life. After all, no one knows you better than you do, and no one can help you more than your spirit guides and deceased loved ones.

Intuitive mediums

Although most people use their five senses to make sense of the world, a few can tap into the intangible realm of intuition. One such person is Barbara Pinder, who has been doing spiritual readings for 25 years. While defining the two terms as separate, she uses the guiding energy of light and love to channel messages from the spirit world. Her experience with the ‘other side’ has led her to believe that some people can tap into their intuition.

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To become a spiritual medium, one must believe one possesses the skills necessary to transmit messages. Hearing spiritual messages is a fundamental element of being a medium. Some mediums claim to listen to voices in their heads or outside of them, while others experience verbal messages in their minds. Intuition is essential in this work. Mediums must also listen to their inner voices, often the guiding force behind their abilities.

Psychic mediums

What is the difference between spiritual and psychic mediums? Spiritual mediums practice mediumship, which purports to facilitate communication between spirits. Some forms of mediumship include séance tables, trance states, and ouija boards. However, not all mediums practice these methods. For example, some mediums claim to communicate with the dead, while others merely recite messages from spirit guides. Whatever the case, mediums can be both psychic and spiritual.

Clairvoyant mediums can hear or see spirits’ voices. While most mediums report hearing voices outside their bodies, others hear these voices as verbal thoughts. They also see images or hear sounds from the spirit world. They often report seeing or hearing chatty spirits. In addition, they can feel various sensations that indicate that a spirit has passed on. Seeing the spirit world is a big part of what makes a clairvoyant a powerful medium.