A Simple Guide to Summer Entertaining

If you’re in charge of hosting an upcoming summer party, you’ll be glad to learn how to host your next summer party! This guide covers everything from easy and delicious recipes to cool cocktails, grilling tips, and effortless decor.

Prepackaged food

Having a summer party requires clean-up; that is why it is best to place bins for recycling. Serve hot edamame dipped in chili paste or garlic sauce, which is also moreish. Serve bottled beverages such as lemonade, and don’t forget the water and paper plates!

Easy to make appetizers

Suppose you have plans to have summer entertaining make sure to prepare dips and cheeses that are a perfect accompaniment for party food. Dips and cheeses are easy to prepare and can be served in decorative bowls. The loaded vegetable dip bursts with a fresh flavor and tastes delicious with chips and veggies. Summer cheese boards can be a centerpiece for the party food table, displaying the freshest cheeses and meats. Yellow squash is a good choice for dips as it pairs well with red onions. Pickled yellow squash is a quick and easy way to add a sweet, tangy flavor to appetizers.

Keeping guests hydrated

Summertime is the season for outdoor parties, meaning the drinks must be refreshing. If you’re hosting a summer party, consider serving herbal-infused water. Mix in ice, your favorite garden herbs, and cold water to create a refreshing beverage. Keep guests hydrated.

Creating a signature drink

A signature drink is a perfect way to kick off your party, set the mood, and save time in line at the bar. These cocktails are refreshing and simple to make, making them a great way to entertain. You can even use them as party favors to help your guests celebrate the summer season. These drinks are not only fun to drink but are also delicious!

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Amid a barbecue, or when your guests have the energy to dance the night away, a few easy tips for summer entertaining can make the experience even better. Whether you’re throwing a slumber party or an outdoor barbecue, there are four essential components to a successful summer soiree.

Lavender and Sage bundles

Lavender and Sage’s bundles are a great way to freshen your home during summer. These aromatic herbs have a variety of uses, including purifying, aromatherapy, and ritual. The sage is a sacred herb that is widely used across the world. They are often used to clear the air, open or close ceremonies, and raise the vibration of any space. If you’re hosting a summer party, consider preparing these herb bundles and adding them to your tabletop.

Paper patio lanterns

Paper patio lanterns are the perfect solution to your entertaining summer needs. These versatile lighting solutions can be made of paper bags that are weighed down by sand. Guests will enjoy a romantic summer evening as the lanterns shine from the ceiling. Moreover, these lanterns can also be used as a decorative ceiling decoration. 


Summer parties are a great time to entertain with pinatas. Water balloon pinatas can be a hit with your guests and add an exciting twist to the party. These fun-filled toys can be tied to long pieces of string, hung at eye level, and played with while blindfolded. 

Hiring a food truck

You can hire a food truck to bring some local cuisine to your backyard barbecue. Summertime is the perfect time to entertain outdoors. Food trucks not only add curb appeal to your yard and provide tastier food than a traditional caterer. 

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