What Types of Playing Card Boxes That Fit Your Products?

When it comes to discussing the best types of boxes for your playing cards, you might find many options out there. Yet, you surely know that it is important to choose the right one that will highlight your products and brand at the same time. So, what types of playing card boxes you should choose to fit your products?

Choose Playing Card Boxes with a Lid That Closes

There are many reasons to purchase playing card boxes from MyBoxPrinter.com. If you are an avid card player, you should invest in a quality one to hold your valuable deck of cards. Playing cards can get lost in a deck of cards. To avoid this, buy a box that is sturdy and reusable. If you have a large collection, you can use several boxes. If you don’t play the game, you can choose a box with a lid that closes.

Customized playing card tuck boxes are a great choice for upscale packaging. These playing card tuck boxes can be printed on all panels and sides in full colour. Custom tuck boxes can also include a barcode for added security. These boxes are cello-wrapped and filled with card decks. In addition to custom playing card tuck boxes, you can purchase playing card tuck boxes for double decks.

Design Custom Playing Card Boxes According to Your Own Specifications

When it comes to playing cards, they are also famous for their elegant playing card packaging boxes. Some of these cards are even collectable! To choose a playing card tuck box, you must first know its dimensions. Standard poker card decks consist of 52 or 54 cards and two joker cards. The tuck box dimensions are 66x91mm x 20mm, and these are suitable for standard sized decks.

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To make your own custom playing card boxes, you can download free templates on the Internet or from professional manufacturers. You can also download a tuck box maker to make a tuck box yourself. The software allows you to design a tuck box according to your own specifications. Many people have their own designs for playing card tuck boxes.

Custom Printed Playing Card Boxes Should Keep Your Playing Cards Safe and Protected

There are plenty of advantages to purchasing custom printed playing card boxes. Custom boxes can hold more cards than regular boxes. They are also available in different colours. You can have them printed with special foil or spot varnish. These playing card tuck boxes are available in a variety of sizes and colours. You can even customize your boxes to fit your business or event. They can also be a great way to keep your playing cards safe and protected when not in use.

When you’re buying playing card storage boxes, it’s important to choose the right size. The size of the playing card box must be able to accommodate the cards. Add the size of the deck to the height and width. For example, poker cards measure 64mm x 89mm. To make a playing card tuck box that fits your deck, add this measurement to the dimensions. You can then use a handy chart to determine the depth.

Apply Gloss Lamination to Your Playing Card Boxes Wholesale

When purchasing playing card boxes wholesale, you should ensure that they’re made from durable materials. Gloss lamination is a popular choice. This glossy finish prevents writing with a ballpoint pen on the surface. Gloss lamination also adds a professional appearance to the playing card boxes. Moreover, it’s an aesthetically pleasing material. So, you should always make sure to purchase a high-quality playing card tuck box to protect your valuable deck.

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You can also look for a 54-card POKER Tuck Box, which is perfect for those who like to play the game of cards. It holds 54 Poker or Bridge cards and has the capacity to hold rules, too. You can choose between a 12pt or 14pt card stock. It also includes an additional rule sheet. For those who love the game of taro, you should consider a double tuck playing card box.

Choose Playing Card Boxes from High-Quality Materials

Custom-made playing card boxes from MyBoxPrinter.com can help you build your brand by conveying your message to customers. These boxes can be made of high-quality materials. They are printed in the U.S., on top-grade stock, and packaged in die-cut tuck boxes. There are also other options, like plastic boxes and suede.