What is RAD 140 and what are the benefits, uses, and dosage of RAD 140?

Popularly known as Testolone, RAD 140 has engraved its position as a performance enhancing drug in the fitness community. In general, gym-goers perceive it as a substance that contributes to the growth of leaner muscles while building superhuman strength.

Essentially, it is a novel selective Androgenic Receptor Modulator that was developed by Radius Health Incorporation. And so, the objective of its creation was solely therapeutic.

According to the experts, researchers aimed to use Testolone in androgen replacement therapy because of its capacity to address muscle and bone related loss led by several medical conditions. However, its anabolic effects were soon identified by bodybuilders that are constantly in quest of some support to rely on.

Testolone encourages an anabolic response through targeting and binding to the exclusive androgen receptors in muscles and bones. Androgens are hormones that possess comparable properties as testosterone. And so, activating these hormones favors the growth process of mass and strength enhancement.

RAD 140 currently possesses the status of research substance, which indicates that it is not an approved agent by FDA. However, as its mechanism bears no resemblance to steroidal androgens; its effects are fairly moderate and easy on the health. At present, you can easily buy and sell RAD 140 without putting yourself in a legal mess. However, World Anti Doping Agency has strictly prohibited its use to enhance athleticism in and out of competitions.

How RAD 140 works?

RAD 140 stimulates anabolism through aiming, connecting, and activating androgen receptors. However, unlike anabolic steroids, this binding tends to be restricted to the AR present in muscles and bones.

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Androgens are male sex hormones that perform like testosterone. And so, we can expect similar size enhancement, fat loss, and high-paced recovery as testosterone.

If we delve into human biology, we will learn that protein has a direct connection with the growth of muscles. Since strenuous trainings and recovery post workouts demand a high supply of protein, RAD 140 comes in handy by improving the efficiency of protein synthesis in the body.

Protein synthesis aids in producing protein that can rightly balance the demand with supply. Through regular supply, the body efficiently handles the workout stress while ensuring timely recovery of muscle fibers for regeneration. 

Now the effects of RAD 140 do not conclude at a bigger frame as there is more to this drug! Basically, it strengthens the body’s capacity to burn fats for the production of energy against the use of muscles. It destroys the fat and calorie reservoirs and protects the muscles from unnecessary wasting. On a whole, it largely works to create a fat loss momentum to unveil a wider, defined musculature.

What are the benefits of RAD 140?

Testolone is known for its versatility and so, the agent does not yield results few in number. However, if we get to the crux of this supplement, it will lead us to recomposition! Yes, RAD 140 is a great tool to escalate the growth of muscles while shedding fats on an equal level. Besides, some of its promising effects are:

  • Crazy muscle gain
  • Rock hard, dense muscles
  • Fat-free mass and herculean strength
  • Fat burning and needed sculpting
  • Higher endurance and speedy recovery
  • Increased bone density and quality
  • Hulk-like ferocity in trainings
  • Manages post-workout slump
  • Multiplies power output and vascularity 
  • Lighter mood and positivity
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RAD 140 Before and After:

Ever since the time its performance enhancing effects came to the knowledge of fitness enthusiasts, RAD 140 is heaping praises. This applaud does not come from a specific group of people sharing a similar goal. But people following different routines for different set of targets.

For example, bodybuilders striving to slap on size feel that the substance is a very powerful addition in their regimen. It easily gets to the mass gaining dynamics and eases the dilemmas to switch on the muscle building mode. They further believe that the supplement is ideal for breaking plateaus that are not just frustrating, but discouraging as well.

Likewise, RAD 140 has received a great response from people in desperate need of muscle chiseling. According to them, the substance turns the body into a fat burning furnace, flattening up the areas difficult to address. Moreover, they feel that Testolone shapes up the muscles that sink under the thick layers of fats post bulking cycles. Rad 140 for sale is also available for you, if you decide to purchase it.

Besides bulking and cutting, people believe RAD 140 ideally works for enhancing strength and endurance. Regardless of any fitness level, it gives them the edge to attain bigger and better!

What is the dosage of RAD 140?

The tolerance level of men is evidently different from that of women. Therefore, the prescribed dosage of RAD 140 varies in men and women. Now if you are new to the drug, initiate the cycle using 20mg every 24-36 hours.

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            Once you feel your body has easily tolerated and begun to respond, gear up for 30mg instead. On the other hand, the suggested dose for women is 10mg a day. A dosage that goes up to 10mg a day may not go well.

Ideally, your cycle should end at 6 weeks but you can further stretch it to 12 weeks, if need be. Besides, there is a possibility that a dosage over 5mg for 8 weeks or more would trigger the need for PCT. Once you complete Post Cycle Therapy, do not repeat any cycle unless a much-needed break of 3 weeks.

What are the pros and cons?

The pros of RAD 140 are:

  • Supports bulking and cutting
  • Extreme strength and endurance
  • Ultra lean, iron-hard muscles
  • Prevents age-related cognitive weakening
  • Less androgenic repercussions
  • Best stacks with Ligandrol and MK-677

The cons of RAD 140 are:

  • It is a research drug
  • It causes nausea and mood swings
  • It may require PCT for suppressing sex hormones


On a whole, RAD 140 is what you may need for a perfect, beach ready physique. Once you promise not to overdose or extend your cycles unnecessarily, you can literally go a long way with it!