The New Formula Z10 SE Is A New AV1 Compatible 4K Media Streamer

Formuler Z10 SE is a new 4K media streamer with Realtek RT1319 SoC with AV1 support. The device is equipped with 4GB eMMC memory, 2.4G 802.11n Wi-Fi and Android10OS at an affordable price.

Formuler Z10 SE Feature Overview

After Z10Pro and Z10ProMax, Formuler Z10 SE is a new media streamer based on RTD1319SoC (Mali-G31GPU Arm Cortex A55 quad-core processor). Support 4K10bit 60fpsAV1/H.265 decoding, as well as 4K HDR, HDR10+ and HLG. The device runs on Android10OS.

Behind the small case (88 x 88 x 17 mm) there are 2 GB of RAMDR4 and 4 GB of eMMC memory. The media streamer can also be expanded with additional storage via USB, RJ45 (Z10 SE also supports NAS clients).

Ads are not scattered on the Formuler Z10 SE home screen, making it easy to find and launch your favorite apps and content. The device comes from the factory equipped with a state-of-the-art TV platform called MYTVOnline2. This app allows you to watch IPTV content and supports multi-screen picture-in-picture (PiP), smart digital video recording and video on demand, advanced PVR recording and time shifting.

The Z10 SE Media Streamer also supports 2.4G 1T1R 802.11n WiFi, Fast Ethernet, but not Bluetooth. This device only has a USB port (possibly USB 3.0), RJ45, HDMI port, IR extension and 12V/12DC connector.

This device comes with an infrared remote control, HDMI cable, power supply, battery, and quick installation guide. The Z10 SE Android Media Player supports external USB (ATSC/DVB-T) via an aviation tuner (sold separately).

The recommended retail price is 99 euros. Is it a reasonable price? Buy Formuler Z10 SE specs, the price might put you off. However, there is always a target audience for whom this solution is useful.

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  • Output resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • Processor: RealTek RTD1319
  • GPU: ARM G31 MP2
  • RAM: 2GB DDR4 2400MHz
  • Memory: 4GB eMMC
  • OS: Android10

Communication network:

  • Wireless: 2.4G 1T1R
  • Ethernet: 100M


  • Video Decoder: 4K@60fps, AV1, H.265 (HEVC), AVS, H.264 (AVC, MVC), True, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1
  • Audio Decoder: MPEG-1 Layer 1,2,3 (2-CH), MPEG-2 Layer 1.2, HE AAC V1/V2

Supported languages:



  • Suspended width L1
  • L3


  • length: 88mm
  • Width: 88mm
  • Thickness: 17mm
  • color: Black


  • Power Consumption: 1
  • USB2.0: 1
  • HDMI: 1
  • LAN: 1

Power input:

  • Rated Power: 12VDC/1A
  • Power consumption: max. 12W
  • Standby Power: Max. 0.5W (very low power)
  • choice:

USB ATSC Receiver:

  • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q (2040: b123)
  • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-955Q (2040: b150)
  • Hauppauge Win TV-Dual HD (2040:026d)

USB DVB-T Receiver:

  • Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD (2040:0265)
  • Geniatech MyGica T230 Black (0572:689A)
  • Geniatech OEM T230 White (0572:c68a)