How to Get Rid of Eye Fatigue: Expert Opinion

Today, almost everyone experiences eye strain for several reasons. One of them is a long, monotonous time in front of gadget screens, but this list also includes improper time management, too dry air, and even sun glare. Such factors can lead to severe eye fatigue – asthenopia – which often precedes serious ophthalmic diseases.

Evgenia Shekunova, ophthalmologist, medical consultant at Essilor Academy the USA, tells how to stop the problem in the bud, reducing unnecessary stress on vision.

Organize your workplace correctly

If shortening the hours at the computer, laptop and phone often do not work out due to the specifics of the work. Then it is quite possible to reduce the burden on the eyes due to the correct organization of the space. First of all, this is the monitor’s location at a distance of at least 30-40 cm from the eyes. However, just setting it aside does not mean protecting your muscles from overstraining. Distance must be ensured, coupled with adequate lighting.

The screen brightness should be about half the maximum on your device. You should also check for sun glare on the monitor. The eyes are least affected when working at the window, while it should not be directly in front of you or behind your back.

“It is also important to keep an even distribution of rays from lamps and lamps: sometimes we direct light onto objects on the table in order to see them better, and the screen remains in the shade. It is worth remembering that frequent changes in the picture with different levels of illumination will lead to eye fatigue in a couple of hours, ”the ophthalmologist notes.

Do gymnastics for the eyes

During the day, rest from stress is required for our brain and our eyes. Ideally, an effective 20x20x20 technique should be included in the schedule. It lies in the fact that every 20 minutes spent with the device, you need to look at an object 20 feet (about 6 meters) from you for 20 seconds. A simplified option is to periodically look out the window without straining your eyes and blinking often. This system relaxes the eye muscles and relieves dryness. If you don’t get distracted from business tasks at such an interval, you can increase the time at work in front of the display up to 30-40 minutes maximum.

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Pay attention to moisture balance and indoor climate

Excessive dryness of the air affects the condition of the eyes, which is especially noticeable after many hours of stay in an office or apartment. You can solve the problem of a bad microclimate and get rid of the burning and redness of the eyes with the help of high-quality humidifiers. Still, these devices are far from always available in the interior of the premises.

“Another way to combat dryness, which increases eye strain, is to stay hydrated. Drink as much liquid as possible during the day, especially if the room is poorly ventilated and in hot weather. So the mucous membrane of the eye will receive the right amount of moisture for clear, contrasting vision without interference, ”adds Evgenia Shekunova, ophthalmologist, medical consultant at Essilor Academy USA.

Wear glasses with the correct lenses

It is necessary to visit the ophthalmologist’s office 1-2 times a year for prevention purposes. Your doctor will do a thorough examination to help determine the reason why your eyes are tired. This is often due to improper or lack of eye correction. Correctly selected glasses help solve this problem, ideally, with eye protection from harmful blue-violet light emitted from electronic device screens. Special lenses must prevent it from reaching the retina while transmitting the beneficial blue rays our body needs.

With such a mission for 5+ lenses with premium coating, Crizal Prevencia cope provides a clear view of the world without discomfort, filtering dangerous blue light from gadgets due to the unique Light Scan technology. In addition, the design of these lenses allows you to forget about the insidious UV radiation, which is especially relevant on the eve of summer, as well as about stains, dust, and other inconveniences.

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