“Gray” cosmetologists: who are they and why are they dangerous

A couple of years ago, we, the editorial office of Cosmopolitan Beauty, decided to conduct an investigation: to find out whether it is easy to fall into the hands of “gray” cosmetologists. Who do we call that? Pseudo-doctors who took one-week online courses and immediately began touring the homes of gullible girls. Or specialists who left the clinics (voluntarily or not) and now work for themselves. Providing services outside the walls of a licensed clinic is a violation – remember this by default! Ever wondered why we don’t go home to a gynecologist, but we go to the same cosmetologist who performs medical manipulations? how much do cosmetologists make?

Why are we bringing this up?

At least because it is important for us to talk not only about what lipstick color is relevant this season and how to prepare for going to the beach. We want to promote to the masses a conscious attitude towards their beauty and health. Cosmopolitan, together with the world leader in aesthetic cosmetology Merz Aesthetics, is launching the Responsible cosmetology clipart National Project.

Our mission is to help people learn to take care of themselves safely without fear of falling into the hands of non-professionals.

Our editor scored the words “beautician at home” in a search engine, and – voila – an hour later she already had several entries: someone from the “guru” came to her house, someone invited her to her place.

What were the “medical offices”, where our volunteer was offered to do the procedures? Typically, this is a kitchen or living room without any hint of sterility. Maximum – the “doctor” put on gloves, and it is not clear how many faces they have touched before. The editor was not asked about chronic diseases, did not offer to fill out a medical card, did not talk about contraindications, but they were ready to immediately make a “beauty shot” and take cash. But the question of certificates and any documents was very surprising to everyone: you came to us of your own free will, what are we talking about?

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