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Welzo is here to put fast and reasonable healthcare back in your hands. We offer personalized online assessments and medication that are reachable within minutes. We offer instant online consultations, giving you access to action and testing from the comfort of your home within minutes. This is the forthcoming of healthcare, no more waiting rooms. We offered personalized testing and medication instantly online and brought the next day to your house.

When setting up Welzo’s diagnostic and home health test varieties, we realized the demand for online pharmacy facilities. That is why we have designated a range of GPhC-regulated and trusted pharmacies to work with Welzo, providing our customers with authorized and regulated medication, supplements, and over-the-counter items. In addition, by linking our customers with some of the largest pharmacy manacles in the U.K., we offer immediate access to over 15,000 different pharmacy lines and rapid and easy collection points for medication across the U.K.

Gout Treatment

Gout treatment is a form of inflammatory arthritis. It’s a common sore problem that can flare up suddenly, causing severe pain. Find our gout medication below and a 10-minute gout cure.

10-Minute Gout Cure Explained

When a gout attack jerks, it can become very debilitating.

A medical physician prescribes the most natural treatments for gout. These comprise colchicine and a cortisone shot. Cortisone is a strong anti-inflammatory and can cure gout in as quickly as 10 minutes. If you are not able to speak to a physician to get medically aided treatment, you can follow these steps at home: You can apply an ice compress to the painful area & Reduce alcohol consumption which can initiate gout attacks. Drink plenty of water and took over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or paracetamol

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What is Lemsip?

Lemsip is a brand of cold and diverse flu medications in the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It is industrialized by the British business chain Reckitt. Lemsip is a non-drowsy hot lemon beverage that eases cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, headaches, fevers, aches and pains, sore throats, etc. Each packet contains paracetamol and phenylephrine hydrochloride as active ingredients.

Possible Side Effect Of Lemsip when pregnancy

All therapies could always cause minor or extreme side possessions. However, this does not guarantee that they will happen to all of us. Moreover, some individuals may experience different side effects in other circumstances. The possible side effects of lempsip when pregnant are:

High blood pressure, skin rashes, augmented heart rate, difficulty passing urine, difficulty sleeping, tremor, restlessness, and diverse anxiety are some of the side effects of Lemsip. Furthermore, Lemsip could also interfere with other medicines, causing unpleasant side effects or decreasing the effectiveness of these medications.

You must assess multiple medications utilized at the same period regarding appropriateness. Other over-the-counter pain and flu solutions that also contain acetaminophen must be evaded. As mentioned earlier, it may lead to an acetaminophen overdose. Furthermore, People who are on or have used monoamine oxidase inhibitors antidepressants should not take Lemsip since it can create a severe hypertensive crisis,&  a life-threatening medical condition.