12 Interesting Facts About Lungs


The human body is no less than a miracle!

Different kinds of organs in our body perform a variety of different functions. From simple breathing to metabolizing toxins in our body, all of these organs do a wonderful job. Be it your heart, brain or liver, the proper functioning of these organs is necessary to keep you healthy.

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Why is Lung Health Important?

The lungs are one such organ in the human body. being an important part of the human respiratory system, the lungs lie in our chest. The basic function of the lungs is to filter the blood in our body, add oxygen to it and remove carbon dioxide. Proper lung functioning is essential for our overall well being. There are a variety of lung health problems. Many things tend to affect the functioning of the lungs, be it aging or chronic illnesses like asthma.

I have seen my younger sister suffering from asthma and she used to visit a chest specialist in Multan for her routine checkups and treatment plans. Seeing people suffering from lung-related conditions makes me realize how important it is to keep your lungs healthy.

Conditions such as lung cancer pose a serious threat to your health. You can work on your nutrition, follow healthy lifestyle practices and go for routine health checkups to ensure good lung health.

Interesting Facts About Lungs

Want to know some interesting facts about lungs? Here are these:

  • Lungs are Huge: You may feel like lungs are the small-sized organs present in your chest cavity. However, these tiny organs are not so small and are nearly the size of a table tennis court if you stretch them to their fullest capacity.
  • Lungs can Float: Yes, you heard it right. Lungs are the only organs in the human body that can float on the water surface. This is because your lungs contain air in them even after you exhale all the air in them.
  • Average Air: Your lungs are one of the busiest organs in your body. Do you feel that you never actually stop breathing? Well, that’s true. An average person is breathing 13 pints every minute.
  • Lungs are not Equal in Size: Every time we see a picture of lungs we have two organs that are equal in size. But that’s very misleading if you have believed this. Both of your lungs are not equal in size. Your right lung is slightly larger than the left one as the left one makes space to accommodate the presence of the heart in your chest cavity.
  • You can Survive with a Single Lung: Though we are naturally born with a pair of lungs in our chest cavity, do you know that you can live normally with a single lung in your chest cavity. Survival is possible unless you decide to indulge yourself in some intense physical activity.
  • Water: Just like carbon dioxide, the breathing action results in the expulsion of carbon dioxide and water. Every hour, through the mechanism of exhalation we tend to exhale almost 17ml of water.
  • Baby’s Lungs: When a baby is not born, in the womb the baby’s lungs are filled with fluid. After 10 seconds of birth, the baby takes the first breath and empties the accumulated fluid in the lungs.
  • Breathing Per Minute: An average adult breathes almost 16 times in one minute. However, this breathing capacity varies according to the physical activity a person goes through.
  • Body Uses 5% Oxygen: Despite the large oxygen volume that goes inside our body through the process of inhalation, only 5% of it is used while the rest is exhaled.
  • Lungs contain Blood: Despite the idea that many people think that their lungs are empty hollow structures, lungs are filled with blood and they are not hollow. There is an extensive blood supply network in your lungs that is responsible for the gaseous exchange occurring in your lungs.
  • Coughing is Normal: Coughing can be quite irritating for anyone to experience. Many people directly relate it with some respiratory trouble thinking that coughing can be dangerous and can be an indicator of an underlying medical condition. However, this is quite a natural thing and coughing 10 times a day is considered normal with no harm.
  • Lobes in Lungs: The number of lobes is variable for each lung. As the right lung is larger, it usually contains three lobes. In contrast, your left lung is only bilobed and this is one reason for the size difference between both of your lungs.
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Bottom Line!

Lungs are an important organ in your body playing a variety of roles. Healthy lungs are needed for proper body functioning. So, if you want to keep yourself healthy make sure to eat good foods, avoid smoking and exercise regularly. Also, don’t forget to miss out on your routine checkups because healthy lungs mean healthy you.