Coolnsmart Karma Sayings

  • Everything will remain the same unless you strive to change for the better.
  • Your actions become clouds that remain floating in the sky forever.
  • If you love him, show it by unconditionally opening your heart to him.
  • Wicked people are reborn as dirty insects that end up being trampled.
  • To know if you have not acted correctly, notice if your thoughts are biased against you.
  • If you hit your child as a child, you will end up forgotten in a residence.
  • If you don’t like the fruit, maybe you picked the wrong tree.
  • The effect of our actions has a direct impact on our lives.
  • You can only understand the wounds you have created if they cause you those same wounds in your own body.
  • Remember this phrase: The day will come when you get the flowers you grew.
  • Have compassion with all those people who did not know how to behave well with you.
  • Pious people never fear fate.
  • Those who want to see you suffer are those who are piling up bad Karma Sayings.
  • Be careful with your decisions, because they define your person.
  • Are you sure you haven’t done anything to be so bad? Maybe it was in another life when you weren’t fair to the world. Therefore, if you want everything to return to normal in the next one, it is now when you must balance the scales.
  • Sooner or later you will find yourself in the place that you yourself wished for the rest.
  • When it comes to paying the consequences for my cruelty, I hang my head and mutter, “I got the hint, karma.”
  • In this life, love is only rewarded with love.
  • The sole purpose of the weapon is to balance the system.
  • Karma is like a mirror: if you break it, you end up breaking yourself.
  • You will feel joyful when you have actions that make you feel joyful.
  • Admitting reality fills us with calm inside.
  • Karma is that invisible force that gives meaning to our actions.
  • The best revenge is not to hit him back, but to make your own life regardless of his presence.
  • Behave well and you will receive positive surprises.
  • You will never feel happy taking revenge on those who hurt you.
  • A mistake becomes your worst enemy when you don’t try to fix it.
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