How to Unlock the Astray Ship in The Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Raiders of the Lost Ark

Ships in Lost Ark are intended to be used for transportation, with the Astray Ship being the quickest mode of transportation in the game.

The Astray Ship is the most competent ship in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, with the best speed and decent resistance to all harmful water kinds of all boats of the same grade. Obtaining such a priceless vessel requires a significant amount of time and work, but those who are prepared to put in the time and effort will be rewarded for their efforts. To begin, the Lost Ark protagonists must fulfil a few prerequisites before embarking on their mission to purchase the most powerful spaceship in the game.

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After finishing the East Luterra story, adventurers can set sail across Arkesia by completing the quest “Set Sail!

“, which is required for a nautical cruise. Once players achieve Una’s Tasks level 50, a daily mission named “Pest Control” challenges them to fend off a bunch of pirates from Blackfang’s Den on the island of Blackfang’s Den. Before you may obtain the last component of Astray’s ship, you must first finish the Daily Quest “She Drifts, Sea Gifts.” If you finish “Ratik,” a World Quest in Rothun, you might be able to access this day.

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In case you missed it, Rothun is the capital of Rohendel, a late-game zone accessible only after reaching Lost Ark’s Item Level 460. Furthermore, Lost Ark money is required to complete “A New Voyage” and “Wall of Procyon,” two mandatory missions, before the player’s ship may be upgraded to Level 2, giving entry to Rohendel. After finishing the full North Vern questline, Queen Ealyn will provide the heroes with these two quests.

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Unlocking the Astray Ship in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

To begin building the Astray Ship in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, players must first meet with Belrod in Blackfang’s Den. He will require the following components as well as a 10,000 Silver charge to finish the vessel’s construction.

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  • Blueprint for Astray Construction 1
  • The First Astray Operation Manual
  • Certificate of Piratery No. 1
  • Wood (730.24 m3)
  • Materials for Unusual Ship Components (375)

Depending on how fast the player is, gathering the ship’s unique gear, components, and rare resources in Lost Ark might take several weeks to a month. Fans of The Raiders of the Lost Ark may anticipate to put in a lot of time and effort to become Astray.

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The next section provides an outline of how to get each of the materials.

  • It is as simple as completing the Daily Quest and attaining Reputation Level 3 to gain access to “She Drifts, Sea Gifts” (12 days)
  • After finishing “Pirate Star: Astray,” you may purchase the Astray Operation Manual from Mariner Rosa on Blackfang’s Den for 300,000 Pirate Coins.
  • Completing the “Pest Control” daily task, which is tied to Blackfang’s Den, will provide you a Certificate of Pirateship.
  • In the game, there are several methods to gain wood, including objectives and loot boxes.
  • parts of a ship that are rarely seen
  • Weapons and armour may be created from The Raiders of the Lost Ark components, which are plentiful on Arkesia’s islands and in chests and quests.
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