Here Are Some Best Tips To Clean Reusable Grocery Bags


The pandemic has increased our awareness about cleaning our hands, phones, groceries, and even keys frequently. But many of us forget about washing reusable shopping bags. We all use reusable bags to carry regular items, but we often forget about cleaning bags.  In a recent study, it is stated that cross-contamination of food products in reusable grocery bags is high and it is important to clean it on a regular basis.

If you want to clean your reusable mesh produce bags, and looking for the best tips then go through the following:

• If you are giving your reusable bags for laundry, then close zippers, and remove or tuck away straps and dangly bits.

• If your reusable bags are made up of synthetic fibers, then their cleaning requires special attention to keep microplastics away from getting into waterways. It is better to use the fiber-collecting device that helps to collect fibers and throw them away in the garbage after each wash cycle.

• There are several measures that need to be followed that cut down on microfiber. This loss includes laundering less frequently, such as gentle cycle, and washing a full load to avoid fiber loss due to friction.

• The cleanliness of natural-fiber bags is very important. As they are made up of natural fiber, fiber loss from the fabrics like cotton, jute, linen, and hemp can be dangerous to waterways.

• When you are washing natural-fiber reusable bags, try to prevent wear-and-tear damage from general friction by using other material washbags. It is better to save on water by accumulating a few bags and chucking them in together.

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• Avoid buying reusable bags that come with cardboard. The cardboard turns to mush and eventually forms unsightly lumps.  It is better to not put them into the machine and wash them carefully by hand and avoid machine drying.

• Sometimes some reusable bags lose their color fast. If your bags become discolored then it can be really disappointing. So, it is better to wash it with care.

• Bags with decorative add-ons need extra care. Embellishments include such as colored prints, graphic designs, pompoms, and embroidery, among others. To wash bags having decorative items, it is better to use cool water and insert them into pillowcases or washbags. Consider handwashing and it is better to avoid using dyes on other fabrics.

• When it comes to washing reusable bags, it is important to follow the washing instruction label. So, if your bags have stains, it is better to wash them according to the instructions. If you don’t follow instructions then this can either let the bag lose its color or lose shape.

• There are some people that wash bags with vinegar instead of soap. Also, let it dry in full sunlight for an extra bacteria-busting wallop. It is advisable to not to use vinegar with bleach, though, even if the bag is bleach-able. When you mix vinegar and bleach, it creates toxic chlorine gas.

• When there is a spot cleaning then try to wash that particular area of stain with stain removal. If your bag has dirt and other dry stains, try to remove it by using a soft brush. Wet stains take more work, and cleaning may leave the watermark unless the fabric is dried immediately. Clean with mild soap, water, and a soft brush, and let it dry.

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• Vinegar is really ineffective on greasy stains because it’s an acid. If your bag has greasy stains, it is better to make use of alkaline soap works.

• Before using the cleaning products for the entire bag, try to test it by putting the solutions on a small area of the bag.

How often should I clean my reusable bags?

The answer highly depends on what you’re putting in the bags. If you’re using them for packaged groceries, carrying wine, clothes, or beauty products, then you probably only need to wash them once a month. However, if you’re carrying your sweaty gym clothes, shoes with dirty soles or loose produce, then you should be cleaning them after every use or once a week. If you don’t clean the bags, then these items will carry bacteria and other germs that you don’t want at any cost. Don’t worry though, as the majority of reusable shopping bags are super easy to clean.

Cleaning bags is not only related to health concerns but it is also a way to stop using plastic bags. The movement of using reusable bags is to abolish plastic bags that are present in our surroundings. By cleaning the mesh vegetable bags, you can make them ready to use for multiple uses while cutting down the usage of plastic bags. Remember, before you put your reusable bag ready for cleaning into the washing machine, it is important to identify the bag’s fabric and wash it accordingly.