Different types and benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage is one of the most ancient techniques to release stress, anxiety and pain. One could say that it is a kind of medicine without any side effects. Massage is usually done by experts/professionals in the field, called massage therapists. Mostly done using fingers, hands, and elbow to apply pressure on the muscles and joints, and a therapist can help you to get rid of your chronic pain. Massage is done using different types of oil such as coconut oil, mustard oil, castor oil, and rosemary oil to ease up the movement of the therapist’s fingers.

Here are some benefits of massage therapy:-

Different types and benefits of Massage Therapy
  • Massage around the head improves blood circulation around the brain and activates the brain cells resulting in improved focus and concentration.
  • Fights of anxiety and depression through releasing the toxins of the brain is very common and you can take a message to remove such stress from your nerves.
  • Improves the overall immune system by fighting the gastric problem by pressuring certain points and allowing blood flow in the whole body.
  • Works wonder on sore muscles and bones.
  • Gives a sense of well-being by releasing positive hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. These are the good hormones that will keep you happy.
  • Sleep like a baby – Massaging right before sleeping can improve insomnia and give a seamless sleep.
  • Massage reduces cancer pains by reducing the psychological burden.

There are various types of massages to choose from. Let’s look at some of the most common and popular massages:-

Swedish Massage:-

Also known as the classic massage, it is one of the most common and popular massages. Works best for releasing muscle tension and overall body pain. The techniques used in Swedish massage are kneading, vibration, percussion, tapping, deep, circular movements and deep circular movements. This massage could be done with oil or lotion.

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Deel tissue massage:-

Mostly done to heal injuries and it is best for runners and athletes. Deel tissue massage, as the name suggests, focuses on the inner layers of the fascia, tendons and muscles. It is a high-pressure massage done to relieve the muscle pain from its root level. The therapist reaches for the deep tissue by applying more and more pressure through their fingers, hands and elbows. This massage is best for people with musculoskeletal issues.

Oncology Massage:-

Customized massage treatment for all cancer patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, this massage purely focuses on relaxing the mind, body, and soul as the patients are already physically, mentally and emotionally burdened. Oncology massage is done according to the individual’s requirement. Oncology massage is a very specific massage that is done by trained professionals. The technique is to apply very gentle pressure just enough to kill the stress and muscle pain and help the body relax through slow movements of hands. This type of massage is recommended only for people undergoing cancer treatment.

Sports Massage:-

This is massage therapy for athletes and sports participants. The pre-event massage focuses on warming up the body to get it ready for the game and avoid injuries and loosen up the tension. At the same time, the post-sports event massage is done to avoid any kind of soreness in the muscle, maintaining and relaxing the body.


The most prominent feature of this massage is the aroma oils, fragrance and soothing sounds. The essential oils used in the massage are therapeutic and are believed to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, tension and other psychological burdens. It targets health and wellbeing by gently healing the body and mind.

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Massage works as a recharge for the whole body that helps you take charge of your health and well-being. Instead of taking stress reliever pills, get massage therapy that will release the stress and anxiety from your body.