Window cleaners

From there came the idea, a rotating arm system with a rubber sheet on its blade that evidently, this was in the 1900s and women were not considered worthy of such ingenuity for many years and that is why their invention passed to the ” history” until in the 60s Robert Kearns presented an improvement for the windshield wipers that well, that’s another story since Ford stole his patent and that intellectual authorship trial lasted decades.

The Window cleaners that we know today and which this article is about is the result of these ingenuities brought to the practicality of the home, comfort of the housewife, of the person in charge of cleaning the offices without being mechanics and to date robots have been invented to fulfill the functions of a Vinduespudser.

Exact functions of a glass vacuum cleaner

In your windows, large windows, external or internal glass panes you can find everything, such as bird droppings, pasted paper, dead insects, organic waste, etc… difficult to remove with just water and detergent. For this reason, it is good to have all the necessary tools in a small bag or box where you can have them at hand.

Its very name indicates the function it must fulfill, but you have to do it well for that, in this section and in the previous one we give you a summary of the most important things you should know about these useful devices today wherever you are, home , office, premises, business, in your vehicle, etc… if you have glass or crystals, you will have to have the complete and correct equipment to carry out the respective cleaning.

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What are the correct tools to clean glass?

It also applies to vitrified surfaces, in addition to a good glass cleaner, you can not miss water and special soap to clean glass together with a glass bucket or bucket because if not, cleaning will not be effective. You can not miss the glass humidifier (or glass soaker) which is what will make the work of cleaning windows start in the best way thanks to the microfiber material that is incorporated or cloth.

The surface scraper with its spare blades are also important to have among your glass cleaning devices, enough paper roll to clean the scraper if necessary or the glass cleaning guide to leave it as new. A good telescopic ladder could not be missing, or a telescopic handle to reach the high places from the ground.

You must have on hand the number of a store or the address of one that sells spare parts for the rubber bands or another that you need, in case the ones you use for cleaning the windows deteriorate over time or you have run out of them. that the window cleaning team brought.

The polishing and gloss properties of glass make it easy to clean, but impeccable cleaning is difficult as any dirt on the surface is clearly visible, especially grease stains, fingerprints, as well as the veil left behind when the water used for cleaning is dried.

In the case of glass objects, it is enough to rub them with a dry cloth or paper and that opaque layer that remains as a result of the drying of the water and washing detergent will disappear, but in the case of large objects such as stained glass windows, the thing it is not so easy and you have to use special glass cleaners; For this, you must evaluate which glass cleaner suits you best.

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Types of glass cleaner that you can find in the market.