When the poor boy found his way,

 The beliefs promoted by the Hornets turned him into a role model and he moved west. Kobe played the first two seasons under Phil Jackson, although he made his debut for the Lakers in 2000.

Dancing with Shaquille O’Neal in MVP alongside celebrities Glen Rice and Ron Harper, Kobe’s scoring damage dropped to 35% in his last game with the Indiana Pacers. He can average less than 15 points per game, which is slightly higher than Rice and Harper, although Bryant is twice as much as the others. Fortunately, Kobe carried the Shaq-Lakers greatest reputation on his shoulders, leading the Lakers with 38 points and 17 rebounds per game.

The 2001 Philadelphia 76ers Final was the same old story – Kobe played Robin and Batman Shari – and made big noise for the other two leagues. Shaq leads all players to the top with 33 points and 16 points.

A year later, the Lakers face the uphill task of getting rid of the King of Sacramento.

 California Borders at work, second place and players, are in an unknown position after 3 and two Western Conference Finals games. At the time, not only did Kobe hire Shaken for the job, but he also asked NBA commissioner David Stern, who, along with state attorneys, 해외스포츠중계 teams, and bad sports stories. After the NBA crisis, Commissioner Stern ordered referees to “send the system to seven games.” The commissioner was concerned about the potential for more commercials for the new King v NetIQ TV series and decided in June that at least one retailer would be named… and Franchise Markets would vote for the Lakers. Just watch the video on YouTube for this game. Former NBA referee and former team captain Tim Dinghy is the NBA’s most feared legend – Donaghy is in jail, the Lakers have won, how late America’s diploma!

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Even though the Lakers didn’t have to play at the end of 2002

Shaq did what Shaq did and won the Lakers 4-0 on the New Jersey Net. Chapter 37 and 13 table balls earned him the final MVP award for the third time in a row. Dedicated to the early years of the Hornet, Kobe quit and lived for the glory of Shaq.

After much progress with the Lakers, Shaq decided it was time to move on: increasing his reputation as much as he could, wielding 3 titles in a row with one hand, thinking about the effect. Michael Jordan and the Bulls returned in 1990. In his first season without a big player, Kobe led the Lakers to an impressive 34:48 – embarrassing for the team to win 3 games – but still alive, I think. happens when you lose the game with Batman. Robin’s team couldn’t compete.

The evidence is so clear – Kobe’s participation in the Lakers’ last tournament – made him his second fiddle, just like Scottie Pippen’s second violin in Jordan a few years ago. Without Shaq’s influence, the Lakers would have been a central team trying to get out of the competition, and Kobe wasn’t there.

The difference between Kobe and LeBron is not the number of rings, but the choice they use. Kobe opted for an easier and calmer approach: he betrayed the team, making him a one-win player. Libran chose the hardest path, honoring some of the greatest players, including Jordan and Larry Bird.