The Block reports the passing of a cherished cast member.

The Block reports the 42-year-old “pool king” Jon-Jeremy Bradey’s passing: TV Tradie is regarded as one of the “heroes” of his business and a “devoted husband, father, and friend.”

Following the passing of one of their cherished tradies, Jon-Jeremy Bradey of A Plus Enterprises, the cast and crew of The Block are in sorrow.

The Herald Sun says that the pool specialist, who contributed to the popular series across multiple seasons, passed away on October 14 at the age of 42.

The Block honored Bradey, also known as Jon Jon to his friends, with a heartfelt tribute on Sunday night.

The Block has revealed the passing of 42-year-old “pool king” Jon-Jeremy Bradey. Shown: Scott Cam, host of the popular TV home improvement show

At the conclusion of the episode, a photo of the tradie wearing a black bow tie and tuxedo was displayed.

The inscription said, “In memory of Jon Jeremy Bradey, 1980–2022,” next to the picture.

Bradey is well-known to viewers of The Block as the “pool king” who worked on Kirsty and Jesse’s property during the 2021 season of the popular television show.

In the same season, he concreted the pool for Josh and Luke.

The Herald Sun claims that the pool specialist (pictured), who worked on the popular series for multiple seasons, passed away on October 14 at the age of 42. Pictured: The Block’s homage to Bradley, which aired Sunday night at the conclusion of the show

According to the publication, the father of three was a dedicated parent and friend as well as a legend in the building sector.

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He was known by his well-respected reputation for accuracy as “Mr. 1 percent.”

The late Bradey’s wife, Ms. Candice Howman, told the Herald Sun that she was overcome with gratitude and admiration from her late husband’s friends.

Foreman Keith Schleiger of The Block and Jon Jeremy Bradey are shown in picture.

“We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” she stated.

Monday’s funeral for the cherished tradie took place at Narre Warren North.

Bradey’s three daughters, Anileese, Amelia, and Kobe, as well as his wife Candice, survived him.

On Kirsty and Jesse’s property, Bradey served as the “pool king” for the 2021 season of the highly anticipated television series. Scott Cam is shown with Kirsty and Jesse.