Do you want a PS5?

PS5s are available at Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy, but subscribers get first dibs on the hard-to-find systems.

It’s been about a year after Sony SONY, 3.69 percent debuted its PlayStation 5 gaming systems, and even though over 10 million have been sold, these are still not readily available.

They are sold out at practically every shop due to high demand, worldwide chip shortages, and different supply-chain concerns, and PS5 consoles are for sale on reseller sites like eBay EBAY, -3.16 percent for hundreds of dollars more than their initial retail price. The same market and economic difficulties are plaguing Microsoft’s MSFT, 1.64 percent of new Xbox systems.

Walmart WMT, -0.25 percent, Amazon AMZN, 0.87 percent, and Best Buy BBY, -2.31 percent have all offered limited numbers of the coveted PS5 in recent weeks, but only for subscribers.

Even with the paywalls in place, the PS5 systems sold out almost instantly.

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Walmart+, which costs $98 a year, provides members with delivery discounts and instant access to some Walmart offerings; Best Buy’s Totaltech subscription, which costs $200 a year, provides members with additional tech support, product protection, and free delivery; and Amazon’s signature Prime service costs $119 a year.

Although joining these membership schemes does not guarantee you a PS5, it does allow you first access to special product releases and virtual checkout lines in the hopes of getting a console for $499.

“They’ve been a hot-ticket item all year,” Rachel Nipper, Walmart’s corporate communications director, told MarketWatch. “We urge consumers to join up for Walmart+ for front-of-the-line web access to these game consoles as well as our other amazing Black Friday discounts.”

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Walmart is betting that by placing its most popular items behind a paywall, it can remove error messages for sought-after products such as videogame consoles and expand its subscription base.

“We predict the same enthusiasm this year as last year when console pages featured on Walmart generated a great amount of traffic. As a result, we wanted to roll out consoles and other hot goods in their windows to assist in unleashing a seamless online purchasing experience,” Nipper explained.

Walmart declined to comment on whether offering customers early, exclusive access to certain goods had resulted in additional subscriptions. The videogame-console product releases are not available to those who have signed up for free Walmart+ trials.

Because only subscriber identities can make purchases, this manner of product rollout will help avoid “bots” attempting to acquire consoles. Bots are programs that automate the creation of multiple submissions for contests and expedite the checkout process for exclusive merchandise. Bots are frequently utilized in limited online releases for items such as shoes, concert tickets, and other collectibles since bot software is generally faster than humans at completing online purchases.

Amazon and Best Buy representatives did not reply to calls for comment on this article.

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“Customer demand for PS5 is high,” Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki remarked earlier this year. “Either we address the worldwide semiconductor deficit or we strive to expand our capacity.” We are having challenges as a result of the worldwide situation.”

When will PlayStation 5 consoles be readily available? According to Sony, the shortfall would most certainly last till next year.

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Totoki told Bloomberg, “I don’t think demand is going to go down this year.” “And even if we were to procure a lot more devices and create a lot more PlayStation 5 systems next year, our supply would still fall short of demand.”