We all bring some baggage into our relationships. It can sometimes be difficult to deal with and understand when our partner reacts completely differently than I do myself. What is the reason for this and how well do we know each other and not least ourselves. A relationship works best when it is in balance. The balance occurs when we understand and accept that we are two independent individuals who must live together. The balance reflects good communication, understanding, dialogue, listening, good self-awareness and, not least, awareness that there are two of us in the relationship.

If the imbalance has arisen and communication and understanding have become poor, couples therapy is a very good solution. Here it’s not about finding someone to blame, but how you and your partner find each other again. I have many good tools that have helped many to find the chemistry and balance again after they have been in couples therapy.

Signs of imbalance: Lack of communication and understanding for each other, difficulty in creating dialogue, indifference, disagreement, insecurity, misunderstandings, loneliness and lack of sex drive.

It is associated with many challenges to make everyday life work for the whole family. Not only in relation to practice and logistics, but also in relation to the relationship between us in  parterapi København. We are closely connected and our mutual actions and well-being therefore undeniably affect our family, for better or for worse. Perhaps your family is facing a concrete challenge right now that calls for attention, sparring and new perspectives?

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It can be about everything from the relationship with your children, unhappiness, worry, bad conscience, shame and guilt to wondering why your/your parenting method is not working. Although we want the best for our children, we can sometimes have doubts about what the best really is – just as we can feel stuck in our patterns and feel powerless and frustrated at repeating and continuing to live that everyday life , we really want to change.

We may also find that our feelings and actions do not align with our longing for the kind of parent we want to be for our children. It can, for example, about getting scolded or challenges in relation to regulating ourselves appropriately.

Family counseling, parterapi, is for you/you who need warm and advisory support to overcome a major or minor challenge in your/your family life. Based on the new view of children and people, which is based on equality, trust and recognition, we examine what matters to you/you with a view to increasing awareness and opening up both resources and new possibilities for action that can help and inspire your family to do something different than what you usually do.