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Here at Health Star Media  we only represent product companies in the health and wellness community that meet our stringent standards. Consumer demand for healthier products and pharmaceuticals is driving growth. But as long as consumers equate “natural” with certified organic, and as long as companies exploit that perception, the TRUE organic market and TRUE ethical product companies will remain at a disadvantage.  Health Star Media, along with the OCA, are committed to change that.

Weight Loss Products

Weight Loss products are a common industry prone to deceptive marketing ploys.

Market statistics for the natural and organic sector:

  • According to an independent survey, 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.
  • Sales of certified organic food and products reached $50 billion in 2017
  • Predicts “explosive growth” in U.S. sales of “natural” products, reaching $252 billion by 2019.

Some of Health Star Media’s Guidelines:

  • Absolutely NO MLM policy
  • Whether or not the company is signed or recognized by the OCA
  • Thorough review of the company, ownership and mission.
  • Scientific studies and findings, companies with 0 transparency will NOT be considered.
  • Honest presentation of product and benefits, without gimmicks and misleading claims.

Consumers rely on labels, advertising and marketing information to help them choose products they believe to be safe, healthful and produced using practices that are aligned with their values. Many companies exploit this fact, especially in the cosmetic segment. They knowingly mislead consumers by claiming their products are “natural” when in fact those products contain carcinogenic materials, harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients.

For more information, with an example of Jessica Alba’s “Honest” company, click here.

If you have a company looking for product distribution in the American market and it aligns with our values, we can connect and launch your product locally and globally, through our organic cross-market multi-media SEO approach.  We give your quality products the spotlight they rightfully deserve and create unique campaigns specifically for your target consumers.

If you think your products in wellness and pharmaceuticals meet these standards, please contact us for a complimentary company review and campaign proposal.